Beautiful instrumental masterpiece, co-written by Kimberly StarKey and Jack Kleen. Piano by Kimberly StarKey. Perfect for any occasion!

- "This is the perfect all around cd. I listen to it while driving to work each morning, as well as in the evenings while I cook dinner. I recommend this to anyone!" -Eric Hamilton

The hit single "Unbroken" released now!
Co-written by Kimberly StarKey

This powerful, just released hit single, with vocals by Aeralie Brighton and musical compositions by Kimberly StarKey and Ivan Torrent is a must have by all!

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"Dream" Original Solo Piano Compositions

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Kimberly StarKey's debut original solo piano album, Dream, is powerful, beautiful, and the most intensely charged new piano music out there. Its soundtrack quality will relax you, inspire you, and transport you to a world that is magical and intimate. - See more at: http://www.kimberlystarkey.com/index/#sthash.G9SyVIDw.dpuf

"Wish" Relaxing Christmas Improvisations

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This album brings together traditional melodies with an improvisational style that is the trademark of Kimberly StarKey's compositions. For anyone wanting to warm up their heart and home during the holidays, "Wish" is absolutely for you.

See more at: http://www.kimberlystarkey.com/index/#sthash.G9SyVIDw.dpuf

 DREAM Customer Reviews:

"Wow! I love this CD.  My favorite songs so far are 1, 6, 8, and 9.  My daughter and I dance and dance around the house to your CD.  Thanks for sharing your music, Kim. Yay!" -Christy N.

"Each song takes me to a different place emotionally.  It's wonderful the power instrumental pieces have over us!" -Scott Hayman, TEM FM Radio

WISH Customer Reviews:

 "I love this CD.  Kimberly StarKey plays the piano with beauty, elegance and subtlety. Her music helps create an atmosphere of warmth and festivity which I long for during the holidays." -Duane Whitcomb

"To anyone who has not listened to Kimberly StarKey's Wish, you should...her rendition of these Christmas classics is more than just amazing... In this CD, Kimberly uses her truly wonderful talent to recreate the feel of the season... Buy ten, you will want to plug one in everywhere you go."  -Michael Stevenson

Surrounding ~ The New Instrumental Album!

Foolish Girl~ The New Indie/Pop Album!

Dream ~ Nominated for 2014 'Album of the Year'

-"Kimberly's music rises like a flood from her soul. It encircles the room and lifts us time and time again."

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